If your outdoor interests are piqued by the prospect of hiking a diverse trail system over varied terrain, encountering panoramic vistas, breathing fresh mountain air, splashing in brisk alpine streams, and resting in forests abundant with wildlife, then you have found your outdoor paradise in the mountains and woodlands of Vermont.

Vermont offers miles of woodland walks, hikes and trails in every region of the state.

Killington is the second tallest mountain in the Green Mountains of Vermont at 4,235 feet. The Long Trail and the Appalachian Trail both cross the summit of Killington. If you are traveling South on the Appalachian Trail, you won’t reach another 4,000 footer until Virginia. Besides this great mountain, there are plentiful hiking opportunities around the Killington Area.

Vermont State Parks offer a wide variety of hiking opportunities. Whether you’re looking for an easy, family friendly hike or wanting to get outstanding views from a summit hike, or something in between, there is a trail nearby waiting for you.

Killington’s Summer Hiking Trails