Owner Resources

Housekeeping / Cleaning Services:



  • TBD

Wifi Devices:

Peer-to-Peer sharing is disabled:

  • If device/software requires seeing other devices on the network then Peer sharing will block that. Just to clarify, Peer Sharing is turned off so when your device connects to the network, you can’t see any other devices on the network and no other devises on the network can see yours.
  • Sonos & Chromecast will NOT work (per Kevin at Resolute)
  • Minecraft multiplayer will NOT work (see Rohi’s kids)

Network Routers

  • Many do not work (don’t stay connected)
  • Need an example of one that is known to reliably work

Door Locks

  • Resort Locks work – both Internet and “Regular”.  (see Fred)
  • Kaba locks work (see Jules)
  • Wi-fi enabled Schlage locks work. (see Mike)


  • Roku Works (call Resolute have them add the Mac Address to their list)
  • Newer devices can self-signin without the call.


  • “Casa Caleo” is an internet thermostat known to work (see Norm)

Carpet Cleaning

  • Chem Dry of Rutland/Killington

196 Stratton Rd
Rutland, VT 05701